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Customers are our future

Liu Jingzheng, founder of UNIQLO, said: "the industry is the past and the customer is the future. We should focus on the customer wholeheartedly. When customers feel inconvenient, operators should try to break through common sense and think what customers think. When you actively try, you may be surprised to find potential business opportunities, and even the uneasiness caused by the challenges will be lost in the busyness. " Sometimes we have to return to common sense, but sometimes we have to break it. Returning to common sense means that you cant exaggerate, get away from the essence of things, and do things against basic common sense. Breaking common sense is that you should not be bound by the inertia of cognition. The cognition that seems to be beyond common sense may be path dependence.


Reflecting on the global raging corona virus(COVID-19, people in more than 180 countries and regions are in hot water. Although the domestic epidemic situation has been well controlled after more than two months of hard work, the global task of "anti epidemic" remains arduous. Wake up every day and look at the Internet, a variety of shocking numbers on various social tools are found. During the epidemic, there were many touching stories. Everyone defended the dignity of life with their own practical actions. The so-called "humble but dare not forget to worry about the country" is not the cold-blooded words in the textbooks, but the spirit and warmth that can be felt in every Chinese heart.


AFR, as a part of the fight against "corona virus", always adheres to the concept of "return to work" and " corona virus prevention", and actively pays attention to the return to work of upstream and downstream industrial chains while doing well in its own return to work. AFR expresses its sympathy and concern to overseas customers through various ways, and actively donates protective materials such as masks.


Take concerted action to eliminate disasters and epidemics. Even mountains and seas are not distant for people like-minded. Wish meeting each other as soon as possible.